Click this link to pay for a Face Reading. Send your photos and arrange a time to call. The physiognomy reading prices are the same as the Palmistry, 30 minutes, 1 hour and the complete reading which is written.


Send me a few pictures of someone and I will tell you all about their life. Is there some one you want to know about? I will be able to tell you a persons strengths and weaknesses, a persons personality and their tendencies. By using Chinese and Hindu interpretations I can take it much further. Determining the time and place of birth as well as predicting future events like marriage, work, and children.astrosoma 001

Scars, Moles, Tattoos and Birthmarks. Twenty years ago I would have thought that interpreting a birthmark would be silly. Now I know better, Volumes of information can be told about any markings on a persons body. Astrological influences mark the body through destiny. For Interpretations of these markings take good pictures of them up close and from further away, showing where they are on the body.

Compatibility is a good use for Face reading, Send me pictures of a couple or just someone you like and I can tell you how the two of you will get DuererGeometryalong. In the East, for thousands of years match makers would use these ancient techniques to find out if a couple was sexually compatible, whether or not they could have children together and whether or not they would be happy as a couple.williams

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