Astro-Palmistry is one of the oldest known forms of divination. In ancient India, the hand was consulted in order to confirm the time of birth (clocks being unavailable). Palmistry is, in essence, a form of astrology. “The art of decansdetermining the influence of celestial radiation upon the human body and in worldly events” The Vedenga’s, Part of the oldest writings on the earth (The Vedas), Talk about Joitish, the science of light. One portion has to do with Astrological Palmistry and the other has to do with Stellar Astrology.

Regular Astrology is theoretical, whereas palmistry is actual. With normal Astrology one could not really know what planetary influences have truly effected you. What if there was a series of solar storms around your birth. What if through your mother’s pregnancy you lived under a reflective metal roof and most natural radiation could not reach you? Your hands show the planet’s influences upon your body.main2

With Palmistry one can see a unique combination of factors where chance and destiny meet. They show where Astrology, Karma and Genetics come together.For instance, the lines on the hands are caused by the endocrine system, The fingerprints clearly show your Genetics and yet with those same fingerprints you can derive vast amounts of Astrological information. So you could say that your Genetics are Karmicly Inherited, because of past life actions.Astro Palmistry1 copy

Find out for your self and have an Astro-Palmistry chart drawn up for you today. This type of goes into profound detail. Most Vedic Palmists know only a fraction of what the information that I will be utilizing to create your Birth Chart.

Drop me a line and tell me you want the Astro-Palmistry reading and make a payment for The Complete Palm Reading. I will Need the usual hand palm3apictures, If I already have then just let me know!

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  1. I need astro-Palmistry book (Hard copy) written by Mihiracharyya .Kindly courier the book and give Bank details for NEFT transaction.


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