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Christopher Long

Christopher Long has been practicing palmistry for 35 years, (since 1984). His readings come from a background of intense study and memorization that still continues. He has learned to actually interpret the lines and signs of the hand rather than rely upon intuitive notions alone. This has helped him to cultivate his intuitionAstrology on the hand and mediumship abilities tremendously. Most people will agree that they have never heard a more accurate and in depth personal description of their life character and events.

By combining various forms of divination, Christopher can accurately pinpoint all of the major events of one’s life. He can also describe why they occurred. He is able to make such accurate predictions because sometimes we are karmically obligated to act out particular things.

Master Palmist

In addition to finding events of ones life, he is able to make very accurate Health assessments, even describing blood type and ones genetic structure. In terms of health, he can find even the most minor ailment. Current health situations can be narrowed down by using Chinese fingernail diagnosis, iridology and physiognomy. He has helped many people realize the cause of the illnesses as well as the symptoms.

Christopher is able to find detailed Astrological information. Sometimes he can name the Sun sign, time and place of birth of particular individuals. “It’s truly amazing” he says “that within the hand one can find astrological connections to psychology, physical health, and karma. “I can normally describe people precisely.” The wonderful part about it is that Christopher is able to explain why people think differently form one another. Karma is what tells Christopher about relationships in the hand. Karmic obligations with others are what show the future, this is this is based on the principle that our past actions affect our future. He is extremely helpful in working with groups and couples by describing accurately how they react to one another.

How about a professional Séance, Divination class or lecture? Great for parties, events, fundraisers, and all celebrations!

Christopher is also available for Dream consultations, Interpretations, and group readings. Discover your hidden potential. Reveal your planetary influences. Unlock the secrets of your heart, the mystery of your soul. Discover your obstacles so that you may remove them.chris

Fluent in All Major Systems of Palmistry and Face Reading.

Well  acquainted with the Physiognomy systems of :

Well versed in several forms of Astrology, Hast Jyotish and many rare forms of Divination such as:

  • The 20 Magic circles (Gypsy)

  • The Magic Squares, (German)

  • Amen Thah (From Tutankhamen’s tomb)

  • Sunimus Clock (Mediterranean)

  • Ananda Lahari (Hindu)

  • Tai-Bali (Chinese)

  • Magic Heart (Celtic)

  • Tablets of Thoth (Hebrew)

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Basic Palm Reading $50.00 USD

Full Palm Reading $100.00 USD

Complete Reading $200.00 USD

To Get an online Palm reading with Christopher, just take pictures of your hands and send them to You can also send them through Facebook or even through the mail. It is also possible to send a scan of the hands by placing your palms over a scanner or printer.

Take Pictures of the front, back and sides of both hands. Different lighting  conditions and different angles of light help a lot too. Email them to Be sure and give me your name and phone number and decide on a good time for me to call. This reading will be very detailed, so it would be best if it was recorded.

Any extra photographs can be very helpful in answering complex questions, for instance, if you wanted to know where you were born or something of that nature, it would helpful to have pictures of the bottoms of your feet, your face, profile and any curious moles, birthmarks and/or scars you might have.

A basic reading is 30 minutes long. It can be done in classic palmistry fashion or we can spend that time just looking at the present in order to resolve an issue or answer some questions.

A full palm reading is one hour long. It can entail both, the classic palm reading, as well as looking into specific issues.

A complete palm reading is every thing I can find out about you from your hands (or from any pictures that you send me). This can be over the phone or in written text form (as an essay), or both. This will also include an Astro-palmistry natal chart of the hand showing planetary signs.

A composite of any of the above readings can be customized as you like. If you are a student of palmistry, or if you are interested in understanding how I know what I know, I can draw out any specific detail in your hands along with explanations.

Also, you can Click this link to go to my Facebook page. Text me your information for free questions and readings. Any Information you share will remain private and can be used for future readings!

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Readings usually occur over the phone, although, it is possible for an audio recorded reading to be sent to your email. For the complete reading, you will receive a text format sent to your email.

Legal Disclaimer: By agreeing to use the services of Advanced Palmistry you agree that you have read and understand that all information is subject to the service recipient’s interpretation.Advanced Palmistry will not be held accountable for any interpretations  or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.These readings are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you by Advanced Palmistry should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.  All sessions by Advanced Palmistry are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice.You must be 18 years of age to use this service, or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.