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Master Palmist and Reader

Love and Relationships

Our past determines our future, most of our karma is generated in our association with others,  likewise, most of our karma is expressed with others.

Close relationships with others are easy to predict, although, if you are fortunate enough to have fulfilled most of your obligations, then future relationships may be opportunities or chances rather than fate.


What can I expect from a Palm reading? A lot of information, Have a recording device ready. A basic Palm Reading will give you more information than any other kind of reading and at a fraction of the cost.

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I will need quality pictures of both hands, front and back, as well as the sides. Any additional photographs of the hands under different lighting angles would also help. I will be able to access these pictures for future readings or even just simple advice.

Any extra photographs can be very helpful in answering complex questions, for instance, if you wanted to know where you were born or something of that nature, it would helpful to have pictures of the bottoms of your feet, your face, profile and any curious moles, birthmarks and/or scars you might have.

A basic reading is 30 minutes long. It can be done in classic palmistry fashion or we can spend that time just looking at the present in order to resolve an issue or answer some questions.

A full palm reading is one hour long. It can entail both, the classic palm reading, as well as looking into specific issues.

A complete palm reading is every thing I can find out about you from your hands (or from any pictures that you send me). This can be over the phone or in written text form (as an essay), or both. This will also include an Astro-palmistry natal chart of the hand showing planetary signs.

A composite of any of the above readings can be customized as you like. If you are a student of palmistry, or if you are interested in understanding how I know what I know, I can draw out any specific detail in your hands along with explanations.

Your Future

With 35 years of experience as a professional Palmist and Reader, Christopher Long is offering Readings of incredible accuracy. He is now teaching classes and leading workshops into the inner workings of fate and chance. As a Master Physiognomer and Phrenologist, Chris can know most everything about any person he meets. By use of many ancient Astrological systems, Scrying, divination and Mediumship he can foresee events with stunning accuracy and in profound detail.


The art of foretelling the future is not just an art, it is a science. The whole universe is tightly woven fabric of mathematics. Everything in creation is very precisely organised, including sequences of events. Allow me to show you what will occur in your life in the most astonishing detail! Like no other Oracle, I can divine the workings of the destiny and chance for you using a variety of methods.