Iradology (eye diagnosis) is not just for health, It is said the the eyes are the window of the soul! Send me close up Pictures of your eyes (or some one else) and I will draw up an Astrological chart of your soul. From the eyes, I can tell about past lives, future lives, personality and most importantly, how you see the world. The usual Iradology health assessment is included in this reading.

For this type of reading, I will need detailed photographs of your eyes.



Click this link to pay for a Face Reading. Send your photos and arrange a time to call. The physiognomy reading prices are the same as the Palmistry, 30 minutes, 1 hour and the complete reading which is written.


Send me a few pictures of someone and I will tell you all about their life. Is there some one you want to know about? I will be able to tell you a persons strengths and weaknesses, a persons personality and their tendencies. By using Chinese and Hindu interpretations I can take it much further. Determining the time and place of birth as well as predicting future events like marriage, work, and children.astrosoma 001

Scars, Moles, Tattoos and Birthmarks. Twenty years ago I would have thought that interpreting a birthmark would be silly. Now I know better, Volumes of information can be told about any markings on a persons body. Astrological influences mark the body through destiny. For Interpretations of these markings take good pictures of them up close and from further away, showing where they are on the body.

Compatibility is a good use for Face reading, Send me pictures of a couple or just someone you like and I can tell you how the two of you will get DuererGeometryalong. In the East, for thousands of years match makers would use these ancient techniques to find out if a couple was sexually compatible, whether or not they could have children together and whether or not they would be happy as a couple.williams


What stands in your way to spiritual fulfillment? Karmic analysis is looking at the math behind your existence. Everything can be seen as an equation of positive and negative subatomic particles. This can be applied to predictive theories, showing patterns in the flow of ones life. Once the pattern is established, I can make a spiritual assessment of your potential. Of course it is obvious that our potential is tremendous and we all have the freedom of choice, the control of our destiny’s and the ability to change our fates. 

The chance to make or break our future is dependent upon the decisions that we make now and the decisions we made in the past. These moments, or windows of opportunity, only happen at certain times. Points along our path act as cross roads that lead to alternate destinations. Know the points of these crossroads and you can have the chance to drastically alter your spiritual progress.

Consider this, how much of your life has been predetermined and how much of it is unfettered by the bindings of fate? There is a certain percentage of free choice in your life, this varies from person to person depending on your karma. Karma is the mathematical potential you have in the present from you past actions and void of action. The only way someone is able to tell your future is because of your past actions. One’s past creates obligations in the future, this is a fact.

This poses the question of what can be done about our spiritual health and future. Can you use your free will to create spiritual power in your future? Is spirituality irreversibly set in your future by your destiny because of your past efforts? What percentage of chance is involved in your life? This all can be determined by your karma.

Some spiritual systems and religious traditions consider reaching zero point with your karma the goal of spirituality. This is not the case with most indigenous traditions. Let’s find out where you stand and which way you’re going on this great path. Are there road blocks ahead for you? Can you recognize the crossroads in which to alter your destiny? It can easily be determined mathematically if you are on the wrong path!

Love and Relationships

Our past determines our future, most of our karma is generated in our association with others,  likewise, most of our karma is expressed with others.

Close relationships with others are easy to predict, although, if you are fortunate enough to have fulfilled most of your obligations, then future relationships may be opportunities or chances rather than fate.

Your Future

With 35 years of experience as a professional Palmist and Reader, Christopher Long is offering Readings of incredible accuracy. He is now teaching classes and leading workshops into the inner workings of fate and chance. As a Master Physiognomer and Phrenologist, Chris can know most everything about any person he meets. By use of many ancient Astrological systems, Scrying, divination and Mediumship he can foresee events with stunning accuracy and in profound detail.


The art of foretelling the future is not just an art, it is a science. The whole universe is tightly woven fabric of mathematics. Everything in creation is very precisely organised, including sequences of events. Allow me to show you what will occur in your life in the most astonishing detail! Like no other Oracle, I can divine the workings of the destiny and chance for you using a variety of methods.